Frelinghuysen Statement on Additional Iron Dome Funding

Washington, D.C.  The following statement by Congressman Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) appeared in today’s Congressional Record:


Mr. Speaker:

Because I stand with Israel I rise in strong support of this bill to provide $225 million to the State of Israel to support the Iron Dome system.  These funds are in addition to what the House has already approved in the FY 2015 Defense Appropriations Bill.

For the past four weeks, Israel and the Israeli people have been subjected to a relentless attack by the terrorist organization Hamas.

Hamas has fired thousands of rockets from Gaza into Israel, deliberately attempting to kill as many Israelis and damage as much Israeli property as it possibly can.

These indiscriminate attacks would likely have killed large numbers of Israelis and destroyed untold amounts of property except for one thing – the Iron Dome.

The Iron Dome has proven to be a remarkably effective defensive weapon, destroying rockets headed for targets in populated areas, saving lives and protecting property from Hamas’s terror from the skies.

It is crucial that the Israelis continue to be able to employ and improve the Iron Dome to repel these terrorist rocket attacks.

The funds we approve today will enable Israel to continue to defend itself and its people from these wanton terrorist attacks.

The clearest way this House can demonstrate that it stands with Israel is by overwhelmingly approving this bill.

Let’s show the people of Israel that we stand with them and let’s show Hamas, and anyone else who would threaten Israel’s right to exist, that we will not stand by and give their ruthless mission even the slightest possibility of success.