Another Frelinghuysen Telephone Town Hall Meeting

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) had over 11,000 people on the line Tuesday as he conducted another Telephone Town Hall.  While constituents raised such varied issues as veterans’ services, the future of Medicare, tax reform, the Department of Labor’s “Fiduciary Rule” and handicapped permits for automobiles, the future of Obamacare was the most common topic raised by residents in this live, unscripted Telephone Town Hall meeting.

Frelinghuysen reminded participants that Obamacare is failing.  He told “David from Whippany”: "One of the issues here is we have rising premiums, we have rising deductibles, and there are less choices for many of the people I represent," he said. "The legislative process is working. …the House passed a bill, we hope it will be improved by the Senate and we'll save the system."

Frelinghuysen invited participants to engage on any issues they found important.

“At home, there’s tax reform and trade policy. Overseas, Syria is an ongoing humanitarian disaster, getting worse before our eyes!  North Korea continues to threaten the United States with its drive for a nuclear missile capability. China is moving ahead full throttle on expansion of sovereignty over the South China Sea!”                                    

“And then there’s Russia.  There is no doubt that Russia meddled in our election and other elections in Europe.  The key question: what are we going to do to prevent it from happening again?”

Veterans’ services were on the minds of “Vinny from Parsippany” and “Patricia from Wayne.”  “Harold from Wanaque” wanted to address tax reform and “David from Morris Plains” talked about “bipartisanship” which we clear need more of!

Tuesday’s Telephone Town Hall Meeting is the fifth such meeting of 2017 for Frelinghuysen.