A Better Way...

Today, maybe more than ever before, the American people are looking for answers to the challenges that face us at home and abroad. 

Earlier this summer, the House Leadership developed a wide-ranging agenda to confront many of these issues.  While I do not agree with every plank of this program, I do believe it is a jumping off point for a wider national discussion.

National Security

For example, the plan offers a better way to secure our homeland and enhance our national security. With ISIS, al Qaeda and other terror groups on the attack, the plan offers a better way to go on the offense and secure our border. The plan also offers outlines for the kind of military we need to do execute the missions that we ask of our brave men and women serving in our military. And, as always, we have to support the families of those who serve and those who have served.


This agenda offers a better way for smart regulations so that businesses can have the certainty to go out and take risks to reach, to go higher, to pay people more, to create jobs.


In many respects, we need to get our government back. This plan suggests that we can make sure the laws we live under in this country are actually written by the people we vote for in this country – not by unelected bureaucrats.


The Leadership has offered a better way to achieve a patient-centered health care system. The approach is to let patients, their families and doctors make their own decisions about what health care is best for them and their families. People are getting sick and tired of double-digit premium hikes and huge deductible increases. And it’s making it harder for families to afford basic health care.

Tax Reform

As I have been saying for years, our current tax code has got to go. This IRS is too intrusive. The tax code is too riddled with complexity, inequity and loopholes.  The Leadership plan offers a great place to continue the discussion on pro-growth, job-creating tax reform.

From my travels across my Congressional district, I am confident the polls are correct in this regard: seven out of 10 Americans do not think America is headed in the right direction. To change course, here are some potential solutions.

There is a better way.  While I do not agree with every tenet and detail of the Leadership’s plan, I do agree that we need to start an inclusive, aspirational discussion on these important issues.  So I invite you to visit the “A Better Way” site and explore the Leadership’s plan.