Highlands Conservation Act

Congressman Frelinghuysen also succeeded in securing funding for purchases within the New Jersey Highlands, the most significant Federal commitment ever to preserving open space from willing sellers in this critical area.  Preserving the New Jersey Highlands is and should be a major federal priority.  A major source of drinking water and in the most densely populated metropolitan area in the country, the Highlands is a critical area in need of protection.  In 2004 President Bush signed H.R. 1964, the Highlands Conservation Act, into law.  Introduced by Frelinghuysen, this legislation directs critical funding to the Highlands region of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. To date, funding has been used to protect multiple parcels across our region including a section of the Wyanokie Highlands in the Borough of Bloomingdale and over 800 acres of land in the Township of Jefferson.

House Approves Funding for Highlands Conservation Act