e-News 12/22/16

e-News 12/22/16

  • A Season of Hope
  • Obamacare: Higher Costs, Fewer Choices, Less Access to Care
  • Burning the Midnight Oil
  • Salute: A fond farewell to Leanna Brown


A Season of Hope

This time of year always holds great hope for the future and 2016 is no exception.

Yes, the pre-holiday peace has once again been shattered by a spasm of violence across the globe.  We all condemn these acts of terror in the strongest terms and offer condolences to the family and loved ones of the victims, including the Russian Ambassador to Turkey who was assassinated by a radical Islamic terrorist.

But looking back, the 114th Congress was a session that answered the call for change from both sides of the aisle. And with a new era of leadership both in Congress and in the White House, we have a real opportunity to continue the momentum for reform.  I am hopeful that the Congressional session starting in January will be just as productive, if not more.

Hope is not the expectation of good fortune. It is the demonstration of good will.  In the case of Congress, it is the bipartisan determination to work together.

Between now and then, these holidays are full of meaning and traditions. They are special days spent in the warm circle of family and friends.

And please remember those serving in the military, at home and abroad, missing their families and doing the work of freedom for all of us!

May your holidays be a season for hope!

Obamacare: Higher Costs, Fewer Choices, Less Access to Care

There’s been a lot of attention paid this week to how Obamacare has expanded the number of Americans with insurance coverage. But, health insurance is only as valuable as a patient’s ability to receive actual health care.

On that front, Obamacare is failing – actually reducing access to health care. Because of this flawed system, plans have been cancelled, networks have narrowed, and there are fewer medical professionals providing care.

Obamacare is hurting families. As part of our Better Way agenda, Republicans proposed a plan to repeal this disastrous law.

Instead of a government-centered system like Obamacare, our goal is a patient-centered system that gives every American access to quality, affordable health care. 

What does that look like? Well, last spring, as part of the Better Way agenda, House Republicans offered a unified health care plan to show the American people what we would do differently. It included a number of common-sense ideas and principles, such as:

  • Moving health care decisions away from Washington to patients, families, and doctors,
  • Giving patients the right tools, like Health Savings Accounts, to make health insurance more portable and affordable,
  • Breaking down barriers tharestrict choices and prevent Americans from picking the plan that is best for them and their family,
  • Real protections and peace of mind—regardless of age, income, or medical conditions,
  • Empowering small businesses to provide the kind of affordable health coverage that meets their employees’ needs.

Burning the Midnight Oil

As President Obama prepares to leave office, his lame duck Administration is rushing to finish a collection of new rules and regulations it wants to impose on the American economy.

Based on a review of Obama's own final regulatory agenda, the non-partisan American Action Forum has estimated the total price tag of Obama's "midnight" regulations could reach $75 billion.

Just six weeks after Election Day, his Administration has already released several multi-billion dollar midnight regulations, including regulations affecting the U.S. transportation and energy sectors.

In January, President-elect Trump and Congress can use theCongressional Review Act to undo the President's lame duck regulations with a simple majority vote in both chambers and the signature of the President.

Salute: A fond farewell to Morris County’s Leanna Brown. She broke the glass ceiling over forty years ago, becoming the first woman elected to county office in Morris County ever, as a Freeholder. She went on to be elected to the New Jersey State Assembly, then State Senate and was the driving force for decades in supporting and encouraging women to run for local, county, state and federal office, not only here in New Jersey, but nationwide.  Even as her legacy lives on, Leanna will be deeply missed.

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