e-News 1/20/17

Looking for leadership and bipartisan solutions

In 2009, on the eve of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, I wrote an Op-Ed piece, published in the Morris County Daily Record.  I wrote about the wave of optimism that had swept over Washington, New Jersey and, indeed, the entire nation: 

“President Obama takes his place in the succession of American Presidents, an office of power and transcendence.  He represents our country, which continues to be a beacon of hope throughout the world.  The President of the United States is the face of our nation and, in many corners of our planet, the face of freedom and liberty.

“Through times of war and peace, our nation has been blessed.  For over 200 years, power has been handed over from leader to leader, party to party without bloodshed or bullets.  It is a testament to our democracy, the rule of law, and to the American people.  Each election and every inauguration should make us proud of the nation we call home…”

While those sentiments of eight years ago about the “miracle” of our democracy remain, times have changed.

I recognize that there are many Americans who feel anxious and fearful today.  While I understand there are those that are worried about this transition in power, I firmly believe 2017 will be a promising year.  Yes, we are sure to see many changes under the new Trump Administration. Rest assured, new promises, policies and proposals will give Americans more opportunity for independence and less government intrusion. 

The work has already started and I am looking forward to a productive year working with my colleagues in both the Executive Branch and on the floor of the House of Representatives to make progress for the American people and put America back on track

I also wrote in 2009 Op-Ed: “It is a time that truly calls for leadership and bipartisan solutions.  Regardless of ideology, race or creed, as Americans, we want our new President to be successful.”

We want our President to be successful.  Because that means America will be successful.

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