E-News 1/13/12

The Week Just Past:  Talking Jobs in Pequannock Valley

Keystone Pipeline is “Shovel Ready”

Encouraging Investment Back Home

Jobs For Our Armed Forces

Protecting Those Who Defended America

A Partner in Public Service: Assemblyman Alex DeCroce

The Week Just Past:  Talking Jobs in Pequannock Valley

“As part of my ongoing “listening tour” of our Congressional District, I had the privilege to speak to members of the Pequannock Valley Rotary Club this week.  We focused on many important topics, national and local. 

“I told them my top priority in 2012 was private sector job creation.

“After traveling around northern New Jersey, it’s my conclusion that businesses want government to get ‘off their back’ and ‘out of the way.’ They want to be freed of the onerous provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley accounting law, the Dodd-Frank bank bailout act and the new Obamacare law which represents an expensive and dangerous government takeover of health care in America.

“I suggest that all proposed laws and government regulations “should be put to a simple test: What will this do to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to invest? What will it do for jobs?”

“The tax code needs to be ‘fixed.’  We can increase American competitiveness and spur investment by streamlining the tax code and lowering the tax rate for individuals and businesses including small business owners to no more than 25%.  We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world.

“Among the other things we should be doing this year: promoting lower energy prices through increased domestic production and encouraging all forms of energy production while urging conservation.

“Of course, we must start to pay down America’s unsustainable debt and live within our national means.  We must stop spending money we do not have by enacting significant federal spending controls.

“In 2012, we don’t need more government. We need common sense, fiscally conservative, solutions to restore economic security and create jobs in a strong, healthy economy.”

                                                Rodney Frelinghuysen

Keystone Pipeline is “Shovel Ready”

“When a lot of folks are looking for work it is time for us to step on the gas.”

Those are the words of President Obama at the “Insourcing American Jobs” forum this week at the White House. 

It is ironic that the President talks about putting the ‘pedal to the metal’ at the same time that his actions seem to be pulling the emergency brake on job creation policies. In fact, more than 100,000 jobs could be created through the Keystone Pipeline project alone.

The proposed $7 billion, 1,661-mile project would carry 700,000 barrels of crude a day from Canada’s oil sands to U.S. Gulf of Mexico refineries. Congress last month set a 60-day deadline for the U.S. to issue a pipeline permit after the White House in November said it would delay a decision until after November to study an alternate route.

Even House Democrats wrote in a letter to President Obama three months ago that this project will “create 20,000 direct jobs” and “spur the creation of 118,000 spin-off jobs.” 

The application is filed. The review is complete. The facts are known.

He signed a law which demanded an answer. So what is President Obama waiting for? 

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is counting the days until the President acts.  View their “countdown clock” here.

Encouraging Investment Back Home

Everyone agrees with the President that U.S. companies should be encouraged to bring jobs back to America.  House Members have developed a “Plan for America’s Job Creators” which calls for reforming the tax code to allow worldwide American companies to bring back their overseas profits, without being subject to double taxation, so they can invest in our economy.

§  Unlike almost all of our major trading partners, the United States taxes its companies on their foreign income when that income is brought back to the United States, even though that income has already been taxed in a foreign country.  This discourages our companies from bringing profits back to the U.S. to invest at home.

§  In 2004, Congress allowed companies a limited time to bring money earned overseas into the United States and pay a reduced tax rate of 5.25%. The policy resulted in more than $300 billion dollars of profits being returned to the U.S.

§  The House plan calls for setting the top tax rates at no more than 25% for job creating businesses.  This would level the playing field with our competitors and help generate investments and create American jobs, allowing the U.S. to be more competitive in the global marketplace and attract business. 

§  This effort should be bipartisan!

Jobs For Our Armed Forces

Rodney met this week with Major General William D. Razz Waff, commander of the 99th Regional Support Command, headquartered at Ft. Dix.  The Command is responsible for administrative, logistics and facilities support to more than 51,000 Army Reserve Soldiers in 439 units at 328 U.S. Army Reserve centers and 33 maintenance facilities In the Northeast United States.

In addition to discussing matters related to national security and the changing role of the Army Reserves, Rodney asked General Waff about the Reserve’s efforts to work with the business community to ensure that Guard, Reserve and retired soldiers have jobs.

General Waff reports that the Employer Partnership (EP) of the Armed Forces was created as a way to provide America’s employers with a direct link to some of America’s finest employees – service members and their families. Through the partnership, service members can leverage their military training and experience for career opportunities in today’s civilian job market with national, regional and local Employer Partners.

Over 10,000 soldiers, their families and veterans participate in the program.

For more soldiers, sailors, Marines, Air Force personnel and employers can obtain further information by visiting:

Protecting Those Who Defended America

The motto of the Fire Department at Picatinny Arsenal is "Protecting Those Who Defend America.”  After all, Picatinny’s firefighters (and police force) serve as first responders for the thousands of military and civilian personnel who enter Picatinny’s “Cannon Gates” every day to this week to make the Arsenal the “Home of American Firepower.”  They also routinely react to emergencies in the communities that surround the vase.  

This week, the Picatinny Fire Department wrote another chapter in its record of public service by transferring one of their retiring ladder fire trucks to the Fire Department at the Lyons VA Medical Center (VAMC) in nearby Somerset County.  The chiefs of the two fire departments met on Tuesday at Lyons VAMC to hand over the keys to Picatinny’s 1995 Pierce ladder truck, which will replace Lyons VAMC FD’s “well-worn” 1984 LTI ladder truck.

Rodney, who has been working for years to help the Lyons VAMC upgrade safety systems at its Lyons campus, commended Picatinny’s leadership.  “This vehicle will be put to great use at Lyons where it will serve the veterans community, including our heroes returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans seeking to regain their health, homeless veterans seeking to transition to a new life and all those on staff who provide treatment and support.  In this way, we should supplement the Picatinny Fire Department motto with another one: ‘Protecting Those Who Defended America.’”

The Lyons VAMC Fire Department also supports “civilian” first responders by answering emergency calls in communities surrounding the medical center.

Rodney Remembers A Partner in Public Service

“Residents of New Jersey lost an extremely valuable public servant this week when Assemblyman Alex DeCroce passed away at the Statehouse in Trenton.  He has been my friend since I got out the Army in 1971 and first became involved in New Jersey politics. I was proud to serve with him as a Freeholder and in the New Jersey State Assembly. Alex was a mentor, a colleague, and a comrade. He and Betty Lou are wonderful partners in public service! My thoughts are with his family."